Weather Safety

Weather safety cannot be underestimated. After learning some hard lessons from the recent hurricanes we are all reassessing the importance of proper weather safety.

Weather Safety

The only way that you can protect yourself from the outrages of Mother Nature is through preparation. When hurricanes, floods or tornadoes blast through your area it is already too late. We need to make all of the preparations that we can and learn the rules of hurricane safety, tornado safety and flood safety before the storms ever hit, which is a fact that many of us have now had to learn the hard way. Before these recent weather related disasters we tended to depend on state and local authorities for all of our needs after a storm. Now we can clearly see that weather safety is also our own responsibility.

Taking Weather Safety Upon Ourselves

One of the most apparent aspects of the post-hurricane period in Florida recently was the throngs of people that took to the streets as soon as they were physically able. The streets were flooded with cars full of people that had nowhere to go. There was no work for most and no school for any of the children, so where was everyone in such a hurry to go to? Most of them had probably not taken hurricane safety into account as much as they should have before the storm hit. And so they were left without as much food as they needed to get by for the next few days and their gas tanks were empty because they had not heeded the advice given to them and filled it in advance.

The sheer volume of people in their cars and on the streets only added fuel to the flames of an already difficult situation. South Florida is a pretty densely populated area and without any of the stoplights working no one could move. A drive that generally took 10 minutes before the storm now took over a half an hour, or worse. That made is very aggravating for those people who did need to get out, whether it was for their job or otherwise. Even though there were weather safety frequently on the radio practically begging people to stay off the streets and only take to to the streets for those things that are absolutely necessary, people did not pay much attention.

Weather safety and even something such as pool safety will not work as well as it should if everyone is not onboard. We all have to work together to make our areas as safe as they can be, only then can we ensure that the precautions that we are taking will pay off in the end.


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