Bathroom Safety

Bathroom safety can only be properly assessed by taking into account the needs and physical condition of the members of the household. There is no blanket bathroom safety plan that will work for each family.#09

Bathroom Safety

Consider all members of the family for good bathroom safety

Although there are a few rules that everyone should follow when it comes to bathroom safety, it cannot be properly determined without considering any special needs. Especially in a room such as the bathroom, small children and elderly persons need special care and attention. Bathtub safety for an adult is one thing, but for a small child it is totally different. Make sure that you have taken all family members into account.

Considerations for the elderly

Many elderly people have increased problems with their mobility which makes everyday things much more difficult. Falls in the shower are a constant danger for anyone whose mobility is limited, but there are many things you can do to make it a safer and more comfortable room. Grab rails should be installed which add support when getting in or out of the tub or shower as well as while they are bathing. There are many varieties to be be researched. A seat in the shower allows them the comfort of not having to stand the entire time and gives them much more control when washing. And since falls in the bathroom are so frequent, you could not provide proper shower safety without having placed some kind of non-slip surface to the bottom of the tub or shower.

The risk of scalding should also be a concern. Most water heaters are set at 150 degrees Fahrenheit and this temperature can cause burns in just a few seconds. The best way to make sure that this does not happen is to turn down your water heater to a more comfortable 120 degrees so that all accidents of this kind can be avoided - we have all been in the shower at some time or another when we suddenly feel the water get very hot on account of someone else using cold water or flushing the toilet. There are also some showers that can be installed that actually regulate water temperature, but not everyone can go to that extreme. All of these ideas and more will put you well on your way to the bathroom safety that is appropriate for your family.

Recently we have seen also how important it is to remember our seniors when it comes to weather safety. The last few hurricanes really put a lot of the elderly in very dangerous situations and some were even worse. Make sure that your loved ones are all accounted for when making out your safety checklists.

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