Backyard Safety

Backyard safety - playing in the backyard is one of the highlights of summer vacation, it's even more fun with backyard safety tips on your side.

Backyard Safety

Backyard safety = more fun!

Every summer lawns across America are teeming with kids having the time of their lives. The smell of grass and the sweet freedom from school is one of life's ultimate pleasures for children. It is up to us that the environment that they are playing in is a safe one and so it's important for us as parents and caregivers to really bone up on backyard safety. In addition to all you learn on this site, go through your own home and pick out any safety hazards that are present and eliminate them, then put together a checklist that you can refer to throughout the summer and keep abreast of backyard safety. These should help you to start putting together a checklist that suits the needs of your household.

Making periodic checks of your backyard and its vicinity will help to keep surprises and accidents to a minimum. Refer to your checklist throughout the summer and make backyard safety a top priority. Don't forget to include weather safety issues in the checklist. After a hurricane or other weather related issue, the backyard can very quickly turn from a fun place into a dangerous place.

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